Visitor's Competition - Saturday 15th July 2017

Prize Winners


1st       I W Brown and F McNamara                           59 
2nd      F Craig and H Miller                                        60
3rd      A Rutherford and D Curivan                            61 bih 
4th      S Robertson and W Johnstone                          61 last 6      
5th      D Loudon and S Turnbull                                 61 bih
6th      J Brown and A Best                                          61
7th       I McAnulty and G Pearson                             62  
8th      J Edgar and W McGowan                               63 bih 
9th      D Paton and A Sloan                                      63 last 3
10th   D Cardwell and J Tighe                                   63 last 6
11th   S Minty and R McLeod                                    63 last 6
12th    A McLaughlin and J Ravencroft                     63 bih
13th    M Stewart and S Latta                                    63 last 6 


Booby prize: P Hamilton and D Doris


Please present a valid CONGU handicap certificate for the visitor to the club pro. before collecting the prizes for your team. 

Special Prizes

Nearest the hole at the par threes


           3rd  Hole       6 golf balls             R Logan and N Carmichael
           9th hole         6 golf balls             J Hamilton and G Jack
           12th hole       6 golf balls             C Houston and C Williamson
           15th hole       6 golf balls              S Robertson and W Johnstone


Nearest the line at 14th     6 golf balls   W Sharpe and T McLeod
Nearest the pin in two at the 18th          6 golf balls   D Paton and A Sloan